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How can you honor God this halloween?

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31

Supplies I needed?

Bags ($1 store bought)
LOVE– the most important
Ever since finding my new church I always have this bee buzzing in my head asking if what I am doing brings God glory. Sometimes I get annoyed because I am not sure how EVERYTHING I do can glorify God… But the more I have allowed myself to see God in things, I am able to notice how he uses me for his own purpose.
So, every year we go to Yogi Bear for a great Halloween weekend. I spend countless hours preparing our site with wonder, decorations, and stressing! Not stressing in a bad way though, because no matter what I forget, or what I didn’t get the chance to do, we have a great time! Last Halloween we were saved but we didn’t really walk with God… He was just like a distant relative we would talk to in hard times. I didn’t want this Halloween to be like every other Halloween before my relationship with God became daily. I wanted it to bring him glory through this amazing weekend we spend with our family, making new friends, and creating life long memories.

What does Glorifying God mean to me?

I am able to glorify God when I allow him to be a part of my day. I allow him to be in my conversations, but even more importantly, I allow him to show love through me. Whether that be through words, or actions. I have NOT mastered this by any means. There are times it takes days of reflecting to see that what I did was actually for my personal want and glory, not his. But when I can take my feelings aside and see that there is a kind of love I don’t know how to describe. There was a circumstance that I cannot even explain. I know it has to be him.

How did I find a way to honor God through Trick or Treating?

PINTREST has to be from God. I mean, it’s literally the best way to get inspired (other then the bible). Ideas started popping up in my head like wanting to put up a sign, or handing out a little message. Instantly, I resisted that idea… I was thinking, “how weird it would be for me to hand out little cards to kids.” I anxiously asked my 12 year old how he thought we could glorify God at Yogi bear? He gave me such an awkward look, and replied, he didn’t know. I told him my idea of giving out a message and he agreed with me that it would be weird. Right then I almost let the devil win by canning this goal of mine. I thought to myself  “Rachel, you’re crazy to even think you can Glorify God while trick or treating, people will run the other way!”
Ignoring my insecurities (which I’ve done a lot lately) I went to Pintrest and searched “Halloween Christian”, there were a TON of “notes” you can include with your candy. Then I saw free printable note cards, and I downloaded it and started cutting! (thank you to Long Wait for Isabella, a Christian Family Lifestyle Blog, I’ll post the link down below!)
I put my fabulous trick or treat bags together with the help of my entire family…. Even my 3 year old was helping. That was another affirmation that God wanted this from me, he had planned it all along. It’s very rare that the 5 of us can get something done without any bickering, and just enjoying the moment with each other. Having 3 boys makes it so difficult to feel like you’re doing a good job as a mom… But that’s for another blog post.
My mother in law handed out the bags of Candy, while I took my boys around the camp ground. I am not sure if these kids saw the message, or whipped open the bag just for the candy. But I know in my heart that whoever needed to see it, God made sure they did.
It doesn’t take long to find Love in all the things you do…. And where there is Love, there is God.
The link for the blog with the fabulous free pintables is here

Why did I start Rachel’s Craft Room

Rachel’s Craft Room is a Personalized Gifts and Décor shop. This “Business” came from months of feeling like I had no meaningful purpose…Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids, and my husband but that wasn’t enough for me… I can’t possibly love my kids and husband the way I want because we live in a world full of hate and I am doing NOTHING about it because my voice is too small. I realized I didn’t have a real “dream”. I went through a lot of emotions to figure out who I am and what I desire. So I made a list of things I can do that will bring glory to God, that I can do on my own, with limited time, learn on the internet, and show people love.  Instantly I was filled with all these negative thoughts because my list was SO short and I didn’t feel good enough or qualified accomplish this deep desire I had. “I don’t dream because they don’t come true,” is what I wrote down in my prayer journal while I was battling this desire with God… I begged him to show me, keep talking to me. God kept talking (when I say God kept talking this is still a working progress. I still am not 100% sure what God wants from me, or what I want for me) Rachel’s Craft Room was created when God showed me my talents are within the gifts I am able to make for others.

While I was reading a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan I was called to serve my community….this was a really tough read for me being a Christian who never really wanted to know God. The book had me feeling so unworthy of everything in my life. Before reading this book I was content with just knowing Jesus died for my sins. I would say thanks on Christmas and Easter and it felt good enough for me. But after this book I had a burning desire to KNOW God. What brought me contentment before no longer gave me peace. The only person who could show the love I had desired my entire life, the love that I want to spread, and make the change I want to make can only be taught from God. Whom I only thanks TWICE A YEAR.
I believe God lead me to the author  Lysa TerKeurst because she is my spirit animal. I am on a mission to literally read every single book she has ever written. Reading her books made me realize that my insecurities are normal, and I am not alone. That not only are my desires important but can be done. She helped me see that God made me, perfect in his image. My flaws are apart of his great plan, and I cannot allow them to hold me back from doing his great work.

When I say Rachel’s Craft Room is not just a business…. I truly mean that. I want this portion in my life to serve my community. And quite honestly, I haven’t mastered exactly how I will be able to do that… I have started putting little verses in my thank you cards, and I promote my faith on social media outlets. Because I know that the love I needed was in God. So that’s the only way I am able to show people. But It doesn’t feel like enough. And this is something I will continue to Pray for, until I find peace in knowing He is being honored by my work.

Teen Craft Night

Galatians 6:10
Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us work for the good for all, especially for those who belong to the household of faith.

Photo by: Farm Girl Journal (
When a friend asked me if I would be interested in hosting a paint night for the teen girls at our church I was instantly filled with gratitude. This is why Rachel’s Craft Room exists. This is was a opportunity for me to serve the teen girls at my church and show them some love.
My first paint night experience was SO. MUCH. FUN.
These girls were truly fun to be around!!! They are all so unique, funny, loving, and beautiful! These girls are not all close friends, but when you put them in a room together you would never know.
These girls were truly so kind to each other. They encouraged each other about their paintings the entire time. Offering each other advice, and praise. What they didn’t realize is how much they encouraged me. They showed me that women are made to lift each other up, and we don’t see that so much anymore. But there these young women were just constantly loving each other just as God loves us! They helped me open my eyes to see God wants me to be do this. Spreading my talents, and experience with these young women.
What I Learned?
Teen girls don’t need natural color: As you can see we did Happy Fall y’all signs. So I thought orange, red, brown, yellow, green, and white. Luckily my friend brought some other pastel colors. And they preferred the pastel colors!! I was so surprised. They took a lot of the colors and mixed them to get a different color.
  • Teen girls love pizza. I guess I should’ve known this.
  • Table cloths would have helped for clean up!
  • Paint night should occur more often.
  • Teen Girls can be ALOT of fun
 My Friend Chelsea:
This friend that asked me to help with this event is one of those people I thank God for every night. Her faith is so inspiring, and I love everything about her. She has been there for me so often, and I go to her every time I am struggle in my faith. She always feel as though she might not be the best to help me with some of my life experiences because she hasn’t had kids yet, but her advice even without kids means the world to me. I am so thankful and honored she asked me to be apart of this night. I am so thankful she and her husband will be the leaders of the teens and that my boys will one day learn from them. I look forward to all the ways she will help my faith grow, and for all the memories we will share! Thank you for being you!!

Can you Love someone whom your fighting with?

My Husband and I got into a terrible fight last week. The kind of fight you leave from feeling not only worse about your relationship, but also about yourself. The kind of fight you’ll continuously replay in your head trying to figure out what could have gone differently. This got me thinking, is it possible to argue with someone while still coming from a loving place? I cannot be alone in this struggle.

If I am being honest, I left our argument feeling like my husband and I would just have to live as roommates, that is just going to have to be enough. And seriously, God bless my husband, because these kind of arguments NEVER happen in person…. its always a 100 page text message that he would have to receive in the middle of a work day, entirely out of no where. This happens because I honestly SUCK at addressing things that bother me.

I’m sure you’re wondering… what was this fight about? So, to put it simply- it was his attitude. I know, so super small when you think about all the other real life challenges people face on the day-to-day. But, I was just sick of feeling like I was his punching bag because he was having a bad day. And when I say punching bag, I mean like a verbal punching bag. Don’t leave here thinking I’m abused. But for YEARS I have found myself catering to his every mood, and finally I had just had enough..

Here is what a bad day looks like for me, when Nick is having a bad day. Remember, I am a people pleaser so I am going above and beyond trying the get him happy… meanwhile every nice thing I do gets a negative comment, or goes unrecognized. So the night ends with Nick still having a bad day, but also I have now ended up now having a bad day and feeling unloved. Meanwhile our kids sit back and watch this super unhealthy cycle.

So I thought, what does Love look like when you’re fighting and hurt?

This is so freaking key. How can I possibly know how to help my spouse have a better day if I don’t even know what makes him happy when his days are bad… come to find out, what he wants is SPACE. Alone time, he needs to process and cool off. I am constantly hovering over him trying to make him happy when the best thing I can do for him is take the kids out to the park and give him some time. He also had no idea the effort I would put into trying to make him happy when I realized he wasn’t having a good day. I could have saved myself a lot of pain just asking him “what do you need from me?”

Don’t go into any conversations with a single view and ready for a fight. I mean we all have our own perspective and beliefs. But you have to be open and understanding to the fact we aren’t all the same. Nick and I have A LOT of different opinions. But our constant? Is our faith. And through our faith we are able to understand that love can be an every day struggle. We may not feel the same way, but we respect that the other person does, and because they do, it matters. Once you have understanding, you need perspective.

If you are open to the idea that we are all different, you can then try to walk in “someone else’s shoes”. In some cases this is really hard to imagine. Their are some challenges in  life that we cannot possibly truly understand how it feels. But we are doing a disservice to the people we love if we don’t at least try.

When you’re talking to anyone about an issue, it is not good in any way, shape, or form to start listing all the things they have done wrong, and how perfectly you would have done it. I listened to a podcast not long ago about how we keep score on what were doing compared to our spouses. If you have ever said or even thought “Do not start with me, you will not win.” then you have already LOST. You and your spouse are a team, if there is one winner then the team has officially lost. This should motivate you to the 3 points above!

If it doesn’t sound like love, it most likely isn’t. Be humble and compassionate towards their feelings because you love them. That doesn’t mean changing your own views and beliefs so you both can be the same. You’re most likely married because you’re not the same. This can just be another thing you can value about your partner. Being humble is the hardest part about loving. Having to admit when you’re wrong feels so degrading. But it speaks levels to me. If someone can acknowledge their actions that hurt me, it shows me how much I mean to them.

I am certainly no marriage expert. I’m only 26 years old and have been with Nick for 8 years. But having that simple yet super extreme and hurtful fight with him last week made me want to be better. No only for myself, but for our marriage. I feel like if we can go into conversations with those five values kept in mind, our marriage will be stronger for not only each other, but for ourselves, and for others around us.

Love Wins

If you don’t know me, my name is Rachel. I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister & Friend. The more I thought about blogging, the less I wanted to do it. I honestly have HORRIBLE grammar. But, after a good bit of research, I decided I wanted to give it my best shot, and get started.

For years I have felt misunderstood and alone with a lot of my struggles. This isn’t to say I didn’t have any one to go to, because I did! I have the most supportive and loving people in my life, especially my husband. I have always felt uneasy about not knowing my “why.” Who really am I? I don’t want to live life simply going through the motions.

If God is willing, I want to make a difference. I want to reach out to people who may feel broken, alone, and searching for their purpose to tell them that their not alone! I want to create a community that shows love and support to one another.
Carrie Underwood’s message in “Love Wins” is my motivation for this. I do believe you and me are sisters and brothers, that we are made to be here for each other, and that, most importantly, love will always win.

My goal in every day life is to find love in all that I do. I don’t want to just sit back and let darkness surround me, by questioning if I am big enough to make a difference, because I know I am, I can, and I will.

I hope you enjoy what’s to come of this blog!