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Positive Affirmations for Moms

Lets be honest. Positive affirmations can have a positive impact on our day. As moms its easy to place our selves on the back burner. But that tends to leave us burned out.

I wanted to create a list of 10 affirmations that Mom can say to themselves every morning. Being able to remind yourself of these truths can be life-giving. It helps cultivate a happy & healthy life.

  1. I am a good mom
  2. I can do amazing things
  3. Perfection doesn’t make a good Mom. I do.
  4. I am capable of doing great things.
  5. I will show my kids love through my words and actions today.
  6. I will stay clam. Even in the midst of chaos.
  7. I am grateful to be a Mom.
  8. I am tough and will get through any obstacles I face today.
  9. I will encourage my children today, and every day.
  10. I am more than a Mom.

As a Mom to 3 very active boys, I know it can be hard to set time aside for yourself. These affirmations are a quick and good reminder to start your day. Wake up, enjoy your cup of coffee, and repeat these words to yourself. Every morning. I have created this wallpaper just for you! Save it to your phone or bookmark this page! Come to it whenever you need some encouragement.

How to Work Out During The Pandemic

How to workout during the pandemic

MY life seemingly changed the day all gyms were shut down. I have been a dedicated gym-goer for 4 years. 5-7 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day. I fell in love with taking care of my body and getting some time to myself. It was a natural stress reducer for me. I never thought I would be successful working out at home. That was because I love taking group fitness classes and taking a class, alone, in front of a TV sounded so strange to me. After 5 months of being out of the gym, I have a new way of looking at exercise, and I wanted to share with you just a few tips on how you can work out during this global pandemic. Whether you are someone like me or someone who is just starting out and looking for a way to love their bodies better.

Tip #1 – Accountability

I believe this cannot just be true for me. If you don’t need to be held accountable… just keep scrolling to tip 2. But knowing that I have a goal that helps motivate me. My apple watch is my greatest tool.

Apple Watch. Series 3.

I have 3 goals each day. Burn 500 calories, workout for 30 min, and stand up at least 1x for a few minutes at least 12 hours a day. I have been able to connect with other friends that have watched and we can send each other supporting messages when the rings close. I also love that I can track my workouts and the intensity of them. I can do this because the watch has a heart rate monitor in it. I could not recommend a more reliable accountability tool.

Tip #2- Les Mills on Demand

I said I would never be someone who works out in front of the TV. But then I discovered LesMills OnDemand. This is the program that I use to take all my group fitness classes. Body Attack, Body Pump, Body Step, Cx Worx, and more. If your not familiar with LesMills they offer classes for anyone who’s looking for cardio, dance, mind, and body, barre, cycle, core, etc. I have no excuse when it comes to working out because if its too hot, too cold, or just a rainy day, I can use any TV or device to log into those workouts. I always have an array of workouts to choose from just because of this platform. This discovery has been an awesome addition to my at-home workouts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to spice up your workouts.

Tip #3- Equipment

One of the biggest excuses will be you can’t afford the equipment needed in order to get an efficient workout. I am here to tell you that is FALSE. At the very minimum, you can find household items to use as weights. Cans, laundry detergent bottles, a gallon of water jugs, and honestly body weight is always efficient.

If you are looking for some equipment though (which I do recommend) this set of equipment I found on Amazon is AMAZING. just under $35, you can have everything you need to get ineffective strength training. The kit comes with 10 pounds to 50 pounds resistance bands, resistance band loops, 2 core sliders, one door anchor, two cushioned handles, two ankle straps, and a little carrying case if you want to stay organized. The thing I love about resistance bands would be that it isn’t harsh on my joint. I have some lower back issues, and using barbells can sometimes irritate my back. But I have never had that issue with the bands.

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Tip #4- Get Outside

My favorite cardio equipment at the gym was the stair master. 20 minutes in I would be dripping sweat and my muscles would be burning. I would say this is the one piece of equipment that I miss the most. I have recently decided to improvise. A school near me has stairs and I have started incorporating them into my workout. I got down and up as 1 set. After I complete 10 sets I walk/run .10 and take a drink. Then I started the next round. Each round takes about 5-7 minutes. Each week I try to increase my rounds and decrease my time.

TRAILS TRAILS TRAILS. There is nothing fun about running. Literally, nothing. But there is absolutely a high from it. I run because I have fallen in love with the way it makes me feel when I am done. Accomplished, strong, powerful, etc. I started out running in my neighborhood because everything was closed. The thing about running for me is I get horrible shin splints. Running on cement on intensifies the shin splints. Once the tracks opened back up I tried running on tracks. But to be honest, it was so boring. I felt like a hamster on its wheel. Then, I decided to try running on trails. It is the most peaceful experience. I’m not only getting a cardio workout, but I am also relaxing and restoring my mind.

Tip #5- No Excuses

I want to be sensitive to some legitimate restrictions some people have. But I believe that EVERY SINGLE PERSON has the ability to strengthen their body and/or mind. If you can walk, run, climb, etc. Don’t take advantage of that blessing. Because honestly, it is a blessing. If you have limitations, there are so many resources on Pinterest and youtube. Do some research and speak with your physician. If you are anxious about catching an illness during the pandemic, as you see there is a way to workout at home for less exposure. Going outside could be as easy as going to your back yard. If you have a pool, you have even more of an advantage. I am the queen of excuses. But I don’t let them decide for me anymore. I choose to overcome those excuses. Because at the end of the day working out feels good. And I want to feel good every day.

Moms- You can workout with kids.

Us moms are so critical of ourselves. I used to think about how can I actually get a good workout with the 3 kids at home with me. I felt like what is the point. It also felt selfish. Like how dare I take 30 minutes to myself, to work out on myself, for myself. I have learned to get creative having kids at home with me. We would go on walks in the neighborhood. We would go for bike rides. We even have gone on hikes. That type of workout is better than no workout. It’s all about moving your body. But the hardest truth here is that YOU DESERVE 30 minutes a day to yourself. I noticed that my mood was a lot better when I took some time for myself to workout. And I think you will notice that for yourself too.

Hiking with the kids.

LadyBossBlogger: Is The Course Worth The Investment?

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When I first started my journey to blog it was because I have such a strong desire to connect and help encourage other women. So I did some research and blogging seemed to be the best way to chase that desire. 

I set up a blogger account and bought a domain through google. Since then I have had some real struggles on what to write about. I often down talk my stories and what I have to offer to other women. I felt super discouraged and I even considered deleting my blog altogether. 

Suddenly, this course popped up and I thought before I threw in the towel, I’ll give this a try! My hope from this course is that it would help encourage me. It would help me redefine my blog and make it the service I always intended it to be. 

I quickly learned in this course that I cannot serve my readers if I am not on a blogging schedule. Treating my blog more like a business (as simple as it may sound) was scary at first. In order for women to come to my page, and feel connected, inspired, encouraged, supported, and so much more I needed to be more strict with my blog and my posting schedule. I needed to have content to offer.

I was using Google Blogger for the past 2 years. Something I love offering is inspirational quotes and content for women to use as their wallpapers on their phones or on their social media. Using Blogger made this super difficult to offer it in my blog. 

So I decided to switch my domain to GoDaddy (recommended in the course) and switch my blogger over to WordPress. GAME-CHANGING IDEAS from LadyBossBlogger.  In order to invest in your business, you have to spend some money! But it is worth it in the end. 

The information I have learned is endless. I am still working on the necessary changes needed to be made for my blog to be the place women come and get all the positive vibes from. But one step at a time!

After taking the time to start this course, I wanted to stop and tell you if it is worth the investment. The answer is… YES. 

This course has been an incredible tool for me. A blog saving tool if you ask me. You can do all of your own research, which is what stopped me from doing this two years ago. But if I would’ve known how helpful this course was, it would have saved me from a lot of mistakes due to ignorance because of unreliable free resources.

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LadyBossBlogger has decided to team up with me for a giveaway of this course!! This is such a blessing for anyone who is interested in becoming a blogger, or looking to be a more successful blogger.


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Additional Resources

Finding Balance In Your Life

If your anything like most people you may be feeling like your living in chaos due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are all told to stay home, & stay safe. But we’re not told how to work 40 hours at home, while also trying to home school our kids. We haven’t been told how to get the gratification of a hug without being able to touch other humans. We don’t know the excitement that comes along gathering with friends and family until its no longer an option. We are left feeling stressed out and completely burned out with no outlet. 

Finding balance looks different for everyone, especially in times like this. People have different wants, needs, and desires. I thought I would share my very imperfect means of creating balance in my own life. What works for me may not work for you, and that’s okay. But hopefully, it can spark some ideas for you. Just remember you’re not alone. 

A Tentative Schedule:

I say tentative because if you have kids at home (like me) a schedule may have some hiccups. If you focus on the schedule, and not the needs of yourself, and your kids, you will find yourself stressed and burned out. There needs to be flexibility in your schedule, but having a schedule helps you feel organized and purposeful. Creating time to spend together, alone, outside, writing, watching movies, etc. A Schedule that helps keeps you motivated and creative. Think of some things you are needing, your family are needing, and create a tentative schedule that would help everyone get their needs met.


I cannot say this enough. Make time to exercise. 30 minutes is long enough to get your heart rate up, the sweat rolling, helping to improve you’re overall mood and health. I don’t want to have to think too hard while I am working out. So I subscribed to LesMills on Demand. They have hundreds of different workouts for all different fitness levels. You can also find free workouts on youtube. Use your resources. If you need any help getting on a fitness routine please send me an email!! 

Simply Jesus:

That’s right. Christian music, a devotional, or a bible study. Get in god’s word and lean on him. God cares for you and how you are feeling. Open up to him and he will work wonders in your life. If you like being creative I encourage some bible journaling or even a prayer journal. 

Home Haircuts- For Boys

I recently spoke with Tim Prudente with the Baltimore Sun story on “The ‘looked like Chia Pets’: Marylanders learn do’s and don’ts of quarantine haircuts
Prudent spoke to many Moms in Maryland on their first time giving hair cuts at home because of our current pandemic.

I wanted to share some non-pro tips with other boy moms that are desperate for a kid’s haircut.

Before their haircuts. Long hair, not
awful though. I just needed to trim them up.
After their haircut. Not perfect
but they were cleaned up!

1.  Get a Pair of Clippers
These clippers are pretty similar to the ones I used.  I don’t think they have to be fancy or expensive. It will be good to have a pair of clippers regardless because of next time its 8PM the night before picture day you will have something handy to help you shape your son’s hair.

2. Clean Dry Hair
When you are using clippers you want to have clean dry hair. When you go to trim with scissors you will want to spray the hair with some water.

3. Don’t Wait
If you are waiting to do some more research, you may never get around to cutting. I got on youtube, and I watched this video while I sat my son done and started following her same moves.  Paused when I needed to catch up.

4. Worse Case Scenario
The worse thing is that you mess up. Remember hair grows back! The cut is temporary and when society goes back to normal you can absolutely go back to your hairstyles so they can correct it.

If I can cut hair, anyone can cut hair. Just have some faith, and have a little bit of fun!

8 Affirmations for Moms

Motherhood gives us wisdom. In order to have wisdom, you have to go through the process and learn. We often forget this as moms. We lay out or plan and schedule so that we’re set up for success. I’ve learned as a mom, that you can never truly plan on what’s coming. We can do some things like work to financial freedom, have a beautiful nursery, and figure out your new work schedule. But you cannot prepare yourself to care for a baby you didn’t know would be colic and cries 90% of the time. You cannot prepare for the unknown. Your body naturally works, & you realized I am a mom, I sleep when this baby sleeps.

8 affirmations for moms.

My point to this is YOUR A ROCKSTAR!!

Nothing about Motherhood can be planned out pretty and perfect. You may find yourself thinking about another mom, wishing you could be that kind of mom. Let me say it again, MOTHERHOOD IS NOT PRETTY & PERFECT. No Mom claims to have it all together. & if they do, they’re lying.


Whether you are spiritual or not its important that you know God hand choose you to raise the kids you have. If you are raising a child, I am talking to you. It doesn’t matter how you received that child. It’s a gift, and you were chosen for the journey. It’s not a small task, & I think that’s why we often feel overwhelmed as moms. But

You were made to be a Mom.

what if we could live in the truth knowing we were made for our kids? I think you would see moms at peace. You would see a community of women rooting for each other. We wouldn’t be scared to ask for advice, and we definitely wouldn’t be giving advice that wasn’t asked for.  We would feel powerful, and enjoy everyday.

Motherhood is a journey. You can have a perfect plan. It won’t always be a pretty view. But you can embrace that you are the PERFECT mom for your kids. Your plan will not always go the way you thought. And one day you will look back and see all the pretty moments you had with your kids and be incredibly grateful for the time you had.

8 Affirmations for Moms

I am chosen to be a mom to my kids.

I can work at being a better mom at the same time as being an already good mom.

I am strong, and can get through anything.

I can celebrate another mom without compromising my own happiness.

I find joy in celebrating other moms victories.

I am grateful for the time I have with my children.

I am empowered and encouraged to find joy outside of motherhood.

I can embrace the imperfect days with my children.