If you don’t know what chewy.com is then your get ready to be mind blown!! Anything you could ever need for your pet is on chewy. Food, toys, treats, accessories, and even medication. YES I said you can order your pets prescriptions on chewy for more than likely less then what your getting them somewhere else. It has been a game change for our dogs.

10 Reasons I Love Chewy.com

I get my dogs medication shipped directly to me every month automatically. No more forgetting or waiting for the last day. No waiting on the vet to fill it. Super simple and more affordable.

Purina One Dog food ships monthly. I am famous for putting off buying dog food. I wait until the last scoop. But now I have it sent every month directly.

Busy Bones delivered monthly. My dog loves busy bones. They are a perfect treat for when he is feeling anxious and I have something else to do. I order one bag per month and give our dogs 1 a week.

I also love shopping their “deals” of the day. So many great discounts and products that we use on the regular. Treats, accessories, toys, etc. Who doesn’t love a good deal!

It’s also not to late to order from their Easter List for your pups! Their are a lot of spring items in accessories and different toys. Theirs also treats & food.

Affordable have found that most of their items are priced lower then retail stores.

Convenience. I said it before and Ill say it again. I set it up, and it comes to me. I could not ask for more.

Easy to navigate. The site is very simple to navigate through. Setting up the automatic shipping’s is also easy to do.

Shipping has been on time. I have never had a delayed package. I am sure it happens. But I have never expirenced it.

Because I Love my dog. This site makes loving and providing for my dog easier then ever. I am so grateful for it!