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The In’s & Outs About My First Experience with Eye Lash Extensions

Why I said I would never get eyelash extension

I have some friends who LOVE their eyelash extensions. But I was never really interested Especially once I realized how pricey it can be, and the upkeep. When the coronavirus hit I was even happier I never tried them, because I knew I would be looking even crazier than I normally do. But as covid was going on 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, and so on and so forth I started feeling super insecure about myself. I’d look in the mirror and think “wow you have to feel given up on yourself”. I know its harsh, but theirs something about feeling beautiful when you put in some time to create a certain look that makes you feel flawless.

When the thought of eyelash extensions changed for me.

Maybe you can relate. I am working from home and I have absolutely no reason to dress up for anything. Not wearing make up for months at a time, doing my hair for months at a time (don’t worry though I washed it). I was at a low in my beauty care. I do my own nails, I keep up with my physical health and mental health. But my beauty routine was seriously lacking. I got my hair done, and a few weeks later Lucent Artistry (LA) in Owings Mills, Maryland reached out to see if I would be interested in free service in exchange for an honest review. Not for a 5-star review or a good review, but Lindsey the owner wanted an HONEST review.

My First time talking to the Owner Lindsey at Lucent Artist (LA).

If you have any social media “influencer” experience you know that many companies will reach out and try to exchange free products or pay you to give their products a 5 star or great review. I am SOO turned off by that type of partnership. I try to keep my social media outlets authentic to who I am, and I only share about products I truly love, enjoy, & use. When she asked for my honest review I told her “I feel like maybe this is meant to be.” I was feeling so down and had been wanting to try something to spice up my view in the mirror.

But to be honest I was so nervous. I sent shared it on my stories and told Lindsey I was anxious about it. She is the most caring person ever. She went above and beyond to encourage me and calm my nerves. I told you all that I really didn’t want lashes. But now price wasn’t a factor or an excuse for me. Not only did I leave Lindsey a 5 star, so incredibly happy review. I feel like I needed to share this entire experience with you. This is a Maryland small business, owned and ran by a woman, and on top of that, she is genuine, kind, talented, hard-working, and just all-around an inspiration.

During My Appointment

I first arrived, I honestly wasn’t sure where I was because I had never been to the building before. The security guard assured me I was in the right place. They had very clearly put the safety of their guests due to the Covid 19 pandemic. I walked down a long hallway to Lindsey Studio and she greeted me with a smiling face. I had to fill out some forms, and she explained to me a little about what was about to happen. She offered me water and we got started.

As she was going through the appointment she would talk me through the process and what she was doing. The total amount of time was 3 hours, & if I’m being honest, it FLEW by. We talked like we had been friends for years, when she told me we were halfway, I was like OMG already?! I am not one that usually likes to talk during any kind of appointment. I am a run-down mom most days and I value any silence I can get. But it was so nice to talk to someone who listens to understand me, who was whiling to share her own personal stories and experiences to encourage me. etc. I think I may have also had a free counseling session. (Sorry Lindsey if your reading this).

Towards the end of the appointment, she very gently removed all the tape and patches she used to keep me comfortable. She had a little take-home bag with everything I needed right inside. I had experienced eyelash extensions and I was ready to face the mirror each morning again!

After My Appointment

I didn’t express this part of my experience on social media. Because I didn’t want to do anything to damage the work and experience I had at Lucent Artist. But I have to admit I had a lot of irritation in my left eye after the appointment. I messaged Lindsey the next morning and told her about it and she was so eager to help me find some comfort. After washing my eyes as she suggested, I found relief and really began to enjoy the lashes!

If you live in the DMV area I highly recommend Lucent Artistry in Owings Mills, Maryland. She does other services as well as eyelash extensions. You can use my code Rachel25 to receive 25% off a service or your choosing!

Here are some questions I received that I think would be beneficial to anyone who is contemplating getting their lashes done.

How long does it take? 2-3 hours for the initial appointment and then you have check-ins (refills) that may last anywhere from 2-3 hours.

How Often do you have to get Check-in for Refills? 2-3 weeks is the recommended time frame. But again, shorter appointments.

Can you get a natural-looking lash extension? YES, Lindsey did a hybrid set for me that gave me length and volume. It was PERFECT. I don’t like anything too…. bold.

Are extensions bad for your natural eye lashes? Lash extensions are not bad for your lashes if your artist uses the right adhesive and length of extensions. Certain lengths are just too heavy for natural lashes so an artist needs to be aware of their clients’ natural lash diameter and length so they aren’t adding extensions that are going to weigh down the natural lash. Another thing to maintain the health of natural lashes is to make sure that clients are keeping their extensions clean, following their after care instructions (no mascara on extensions, brushing, etc.) and not pulling them out! So many people get frustrated when lashes start falling out on their own (which is normal and which is also why you need fills every 2-3 weeks) and they start pulling them out which is the worst thing to do.

Do the eyelashes extensions hurt? I did experience some irritation. I am not sure why. It could have been something totally unrelated. But I would say NO they do not hurt. The process is pain-free, and the daily experience is pain-free.

Are eyelash extensions worth the $$$? YES, if I would’ve known how much I would love the extensions, I would’ve done it a long time ago. You really can’t place a price on something that makes you feel beautiful and helps uplift your confidence.

What’s the best way to clean them? Lindsey sent me home with soap, brush, wands, and instructions. She recommended that you wash the lashes every night, but since I workout in the morning. I also wash them after my workouts. The soap can burn a little, so make sure you keep your eyes closed!

How can you get them off if you don’t like them? Lindsey let me know up front that if I didn’t like them to NOT PICK THEM OFF. She said to come back to her and she could get them off in 10-15 minutes. The worst thing you can do it pick out your extensions. Even if it’s not because you don’t want them. If your an “anxious picker” you have to be very cautious of not picking at your lashes.

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