If your anything like most people you may be feeling like your living in chaos due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are all told to stay home, & stay safe. But we’re not told how to work 40 hours at home, while also trying to home school our kids. We haven’t been told how to get the gratification of a hug without being able to touch other humans. We don’t know the excitement that comes along gathering with friends and family until its no longer an option. We are left feeling stressed out and completely burned out with no outlet. 

Finding balance looks different for everyone, especially in times like this. People have different wants, needs, and desires. I thought I would share my very imperfect means of creating balance in my own life. What works for me may not work for you, and that’s okay. But hopefully, it can spark some ideas for you. Just remember you’re not alone. 

A Tentative Schedule:

I say tentative because if you have kids at home (like me) a schedule may have some hiccups. If you focus on the schedule, and not the needs of yourself, and your kids, you will find yourself stressed and burned out. There needs to be flexibility in your schedule, but having a schedule helps you feel organized and purposeful. Creating time to spend together, alone, outside, writing, watching movies, etc. A Schedule that helps keeps you motivated and creative. Think of some things you are needing, your family are needing, and create a tentative schedule that would help everyone get their needs met.


I cannot say this enough. Make time to exercise. 30 minutes is long enough to get your heart rate up, the sweat rolling, helping to improve you’re overall mood and health. I don’t want to have to think too hard while I am working out. So I subscribed to LesMills on Demand. They have hundreds of different workouts for all different fitness levels. You can also find free workouts on youtube. Use your resources. If you need any help getting on a fitness routine please send me an email!! 

Simply Jesus:

That’s right. Christian music, a devotional, or a bible study. Get in god’s word and lean on him. God cares for you and how you are feeling. Open up to him and he will work wonders in your life. If you like being creative I encourage some bible journaling or even a prayer journal.