I recently spoke with Tim Prudente with the Baltimore Sun story on “The ‘looked like Chia Pets’: Marylanders learn do’s and don’ts of quarantine haircuts
Prudent spoke to many Moms in Maryland on their first time giving hair cuts at home because of our current pandemic.

I wanted to share some non-pro tips with other boy moms that are desperate for a kid’s haircut.

Before their haircuts. Long hair, not
awful though. I just needed to trim them up.
After their haircut. Not perfect
but they were cleaned up!

1.  Get a Pair of Clippers
These clippers are pretty similar to the ones I used.  I don’t think they have to be fancy or expensive. It will be good to have a pair of clippers regardless because of next time its 8PM the night before picture day you will have something handy to help you shape your son’s hair.

2. Clean Dry Hair
When you are using clippers you want to have clean dry hair. When you go to trim with scissors you will want to spray the hair with some water.

3. Don’t Wait
If you are waiting to do some more research, you may never get around to cutting. I got on youtube, and I watched this video while I sat my son done and started following her same moves.  Paused when I needed to catch up.

4. Worse Case Scenario
The worse thing is that you mess up. Remember hair grows back! The cut is temporary and when society goes back to normal you can absolutely go back to your hairstyles so they can correct it.

If I can cut hair, anyone can cut hair. Just have some faith, and have a little bit of fun!