Motherhood gives us wisdom. In order to have wisdom, you have to go through the process and learn. We often forget this as moms. We lay out or plan and schedule so that we’re set up for success. I’ve learned as a mom, that you can never truly plan on what’s coming. We can do some things like work to financial freedom, have a beautiful nursery, and figure out your new work schedule. But you cannot prepare yourself to care for a baby you didn’t know would be colic and cries 90% of the time. You cannot prepare for the unknown. Your body naturally works, & you realized I am a mom, I sleep when this baby sleeps.

8 affirmations for moms.

My point to this is YOUR A ROCKSTAR!!

Nothing about Motherhood can be planned out pretty and perfect. You may find yourself thinking about another mom, wishing you could be that kind of mom. Let me say it again, MOTHERHOOD IS NOT PRETTY & PERFECT. No Mom claims to have it all together. & if they do, they’re lying.


Whether you are spiritual or not its important that you know God hand choose you to raise the kids you have. If you are raising a child, I am talking to you. It doesn’t matter how you received that child. It’s a gift, and you were chosen for the journey. It’s not a small task, & I think that’s why we often feel overwhelmed as moms. But

You were made to be a Mom.

what if we could live in the truth knowing we were made for our kids? I think you would see moms at peace. You would see a community of women rooting for each other. We wouldn’t be scared to ask for advice, and we definitely wouldn’t be giving advice that wasn’t asked for.  We would feel powerful, and enjoy everyday.

Motherhood is a journey. You can have a perfect plan. It won’t always be a pretty view. But you can embrace that you are the PERFECT mom for your kids. Your plan will not always go the way you thought. And one day you will look back and see all the pretty moments you had with your kids and be incredibly grateful for the time you had.

8 Affirmations for Moms

I am chosen to be a mom to my kids.

I can work at being a better mom at the same time as being an already good mom.

I am strong, and can get through anything.

I can celebrate another mom without compromising my own happiness.

I find joy in celebrating other moms victories.

I am grateful for the time I have with my children.

I am empowered and encouraged to find joy outside of motherhood.

I can embrace the imperfect days with my children.