Lets talk Pinterest

A dear friend of mine has taught me so much about Pinterest. You may be surprised to hear this but Pinterest is a SEARCH ENGINE, not a form of social media. Connection can happen on this amazing platform, but its not what it was made for.

5 practical Things you can do today to help grow your monthly Pinterest viewers.

1. Use the App.

Pinterest rewards the users who utilize their app. So if you want your pins to be seen on Pinterest, you need to be actively using Pinterest.

Not a business account.
 Not a pretty Pinterest profile.
October of 2019

2. Set up your account as a business account.

If you are reading this it’s because you are wanting to track your progress and excel on this platform. You honestly cannot do that without having a business account.

A business profile.
A almost pretty Pinterest Profile.
Missing some keywords.

3. Create Brilliant Boards

Have at least 7 beautiful boards. Not beauty boards, but attractive and well established boards. 2 f these boards should be all about you!! Your blog, and your social media content. The others will depend on your interest and niches. Use key words in your titles, and don’t forget add a description. Make sure each of your boards have at least 10-15 pins.

4. Get Your Pinterest Profile Pretty Status

This is so critical. You want your profile to be organized and attractive. Update your cover banner with your most recent pins or a set of pins you want to feature. . Choose a profile photo that is appealing for your brand.


Pinterest Pretty Profile
My Pinterest Page


5. Spice up you Display Name

This was KEY for me. Not only should you have your brand name, but also a few key words with it.

The Queen of Pretty Pinterest Profiles

Hey Sunny Jess

These are limited and practical ways to boost your pinterest. If you are looking for more on pinterest I highly recommend the Queen of pinning. I met Jess on the beginning of my social media journey. She has been such an amazing friend to me. When I started out on Pinterest I had very limited viewers. She helped me get to 1 million in a few months.

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