Mom Guilt

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you either are currently dealing with mom guilt, you have dealt with mom guilt, or you are about to deal with mom guilt. Whatever the case may be if your a Mom keep on reading.

Mom Guilt Is Real. Learn how to overcome it.

Mom Guilt Is Real

It doesn’t matter what season of life your in as a mom. The age of your kid doesn’t determine the amount of guilt your allowed to experience. If you are doing something for yourself, and suddenly you feel guilty about doing that thing, you have experienced mom guilt. WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

If you didn’t know, I love to workout. There was a time in my life I would feel so guilty spending an hour at the gym. It was especially hard when my son would start whaling and flying around limbs because he didn’t want to be in the kid zone. I would leave him there anyway, proceed to get on that elliptical and tell myself all the reason I am a selfish mom because I am putting my workout above my sons happiness. Have you been here before? Any situation where you felt less than as a Mom because you decided to do something for yourself, that is Mom guilt.

Another time Mom guilt might occur is when you forgot to do what you said you would do. Your child may have asked particular snack to put in their lunch for school, and when you get home from the grocery story you realize you didn’t get that snack. You then either have to go all the way back out to the store to spend more money, time & energy that you don’t have. Or you accept that your human and you forgot, but you’ll add it to the list for next week. Mom guilt is real people.

Behind every great kid is a Mom who’s pretty sure she’s screwing it all up.

How to overcome Mom Guilt?

Ask yourself “Have I committed a sin?”

For my example with the Gym, the answer would be NO. If anything I am teaching my child self discipline and the importance of health and wellness.

Stop Comparing

If your Mom guilt is stemming from the way you compare yourself to other Moms you follow on social Media then get off of social media. You have to be able to look at those Moms and know that you are seeing only the things that they want you to see. Lets stop comparing each other and start celebrating each other.

Reach out for help

Seeking wisdom is wise. If you are feeling like your doing something wrong, or your having troubles trying to manage motherhood go talk to someone. Sometimes a fresh perspective can do glorious things for Mom guilt.

There’s a lesson to be learned

I believe that we teach our kids how to be human. Let’s own our mistakes. If your a perfectionist this may be extremely difficult because if were being honest the amount of times you’ll mess up is fewer than most. Regardless it’s HUGE for a child to see their Mom make a mistake, own it, and move forward.

Know that tomorrow is a new day

You are going to mess up. A perfect Mom doesn’t exists. So when you do mess up, shake it off and know that everyone makes mistakes.

 Birds On A Wire Moms Podcast

Join this community of Moms. Yes this is a bold request, but I promise it’s how you start to overcome Mom guilt. This ministry is built to equip and encourage Moms all over the world. Karen Stubbs southern twang is full of wisdom and grace. Birds On A Wire Moms was made so Moms didn’t feel alone.


You are God’s masterpiece. Ephesians 2:10

Know Your Truth

If you have ever felt like you made a mistake in becoming a Mom. You aren’t the first and you wont be the last Mom to ever feel that way. The truth however is God choose you. When God formed the little people in our lives He choose the one who He wanted to raise them. The one He trusted. That is true for even Moms who never experienced birth. Our kids are a gift from God. We are our own worst critic. Finding your truth in Gods word is the best comfort you will ever find in Motherhood.

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