10 Strategies That Will Change Your Life

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in the same place? Days, months or maybe years have gone by and you don’t see much progress in your life.  How many of these things are you doing?

Pray Often

Before her feet hit the floor in the morning she is asking God for guidance, and praying for a day surrounding God’s love and patience. She will ask God for understanding when things are hard. She will thank him for all her many blessings. She will find so much comfort in him.

Challenge Yourself

She steps outside of her comfort zone because she knows there is value in that. She realizes that the challenges she doesn’t face will become her limits. And being limited is just not an option for her.

Self Reflection

She knows her worth. She is confident in the woman she is and she believes in her own cause. She doesn’t value her worth based off of other’s opinions. She is also honest about that and notices her faults without obsessing over them. She is balanced.

Don’t Be Defeated.

She celebrates the wins, big and small. Nothing takes her down. When things don’t go as she expected she trusts God’s plan, gets back up, and tries again.

Set Goals

She knows where she wants to be and she has goals set to take her there. She sets the standard high and doesn’t stop until working towards her dreams.

Invests In Yourself

She takes care of her health. Mentally and Physically. She isn’t obsessed with her weight. But she is obsessed with living a healthy happy life.

Have A Tribe

She surrounds herself with uplifting people. She has a group of people that are there for her and believe in her dreams. And she supports them just as much… if not more.

Motivate & Be Kind To Others

She doesn’t allow her emotions control her. She has learned to control her emotions. She just trust God’s plan and realizes her author is better then her expectations in situations. She is conscious of being kind because she is not rude or unloving. She wants to uplift others and she wants people to knew she cares about them.

In pursuit of living a loved life, I strive to encourage women to go to a deeper place in their life with the Lord. Taking real-life steps forward to joy and freedom.

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