• Faith

    Being a Christian Woman

    Let me be honest, I feel like being a Christian Woman is super intimidating. I feel like I have to be someone who NEVER messes up, never curses, never lies, never disappoints, never fails, the perfect mom, the perfect wife, etc. Then, I also feel like it titles me with being a “weirdo” whos not fun to be around… I am just being honest here. It has felt like a real juggling act. I am new on this walk with Jesus. Out of curiosity, I decided to Google “what does a Christian Woman look like” and the results were overwhelming. So, I wanted to share simple but biblical ways I strive to be a better Christian…

  • Faith

    10 Strategies That Will Change Your Life

    Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in the same place? Days, months or maybe years have gone by and you don’t see much progress in your life.  How many of these things are you doing? Pray Often Before her feet hit the floor in the morning she is asking God for guidance, and praying for a day surrounding God’s love and patience. She will ask God for understanding when things are hard. She will thank him for all her many blessings. She will find so much comfort in him. Challenge Yourself She steps outside of her comfort zone because she knows there is value in that. She realizes that…

  • Motherhood

    10 Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts

    Don’t worry!! When it comes to celebrating your Mom on Mother’s Day you don’t have to surprise her with something huge or something expensive! We, as moms, just want to be seen, loved, & appreciated. Hand Made Card Bouquet Of Flowers Some Of her Favorite Snacks An Appreciation Letter Her Favorite Bottle of Wine Take Her Out To Dinner Mani & Pedi Gift Card A Jar of Her Favorite Candies Offer to Do Some House Work  Get Her A New Journal Get Her A Gift Slip For A Massage Bath Bombs A Candle Frame A Picture Of The Both of You A Mug With A Gift card