Spring cleaning will be here before you know it. I wanted to share a brand that I know I’ll be using when I do my spring cleaning. Air Scense has natural essential oils that neutralize unpleasant smells and leave a room smelling fresh! 

I wanted to share with you my 3 top reasons for ditching all air fresheners except Air Scense.

They Are All Natural

I am able to use these sprays around my kids, and my dog without having to worry about them breathing in harmful chemicals. When I received my first box the company provided me with so much information on the benefits of their products. They are very knowledgeable.

They Smell AMAZING!

They have 4 scents. Lavender, Vanilla, Orange, & Lime. I personal don’t love the scent or taste of oranges. (I know I am crazy). So I took that one to work with me and placed it in the bathroom for someone else to enjoy! The Lavender is my favorite one to use!  also, every 7 oz. can has 3.000 sprays. I mean seriously… my cans have lasted so long!

The Benefits!

You know I am all about mental health. The oils used in these air fresheners all have more positive effects then just a great smell. Most of the oils used in these improve your mood & brain function, reduces stress, and boosts your immunity. There is just so much good in this 7oz. bottle.

You can shop for their products right here. They also have their items available on amazon.