I have learned to love to exercise. Not because I want to be super skinny and look good in a bathing suit… (because after 3 years of consistent exercise I still don’t feel like I look great in a bathing suit!)But I work out because it uplifts me and makes me feel so good. So if you’re someone who is super stressed, maybe a little depressed or anxious, or you’re just looking to better your over all health-don’t wait. Start today!

Set your self up for success
Take a look at your schedule and figure out where you can dedicate 20-30 Minutes to exercising. If that seems impossible, just start with 10-20 minutes and set goals to slowly increase your duration from there. I know this seems silly to actually carve out time, but it will help you be more successful and realistic with your goals.

Set goals, and find a partner or friend to hold you accountable when you first start. It can feel a little bit miserable at first, but I promise there will come a time when your mind set will switch and you will enjoy it. But to get to that point you need to have someone (even yourself) to hold you accountable.

Take a walk
Sometimes, we over analyze what exercise needs to be. I know when I first started exercising I had a goal to workout for 2 hrs and to burn 1,000 calories… A DAY. If you are just starting to exercise don’t set unrealistic goals. Set goals you can maintain. A 20 min walk around your neighborhood would suffice!

Take the stairs
I work in a building with 28 flights of stairs. I have walked up and down the stairs when I felt super stressed or because just wanted to get in a workout. But it doesn’t have to be that extreme. I can take the elevator to the 20th floor and be more active by walking up just the remaining 8 flights. It doesn’t matter how big or small the stairs are… Just take them!

Join a gym
Now I am the type of person who needs to leave the house, drop my kids off in childcare and get 30 minutes of exercise in a facility that offers multiple options because I get bored. But there are also a lot of people who purchase at home workout videos, or join programs that allow them to workout at home. Whatever works for you is fine! Just do it. And if one doesn’t work out…. try the other. Don’t give up!!