Rachel’s Craft Room is a Personalized Gifts and Décor shop. This “Business” came from months of feeling like I had no meaningful purpose…Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids, and my husband but that wasn’t enough for me… I can’t possibly love my kids and husband the way I want because we live in a world full of hate and I am doing NOTHING about it because my voice is too small. I realized I didn’t have a real “dream”. I went through a lot of emotions to figure out who I am and what I desire. So I made a list of things I can do that will bring glory to God, that I can do on my own, with limited time, learn on the internet, and show people love.  Instantly I was filled with all these negative thoughts because my list was SO short and I didn’t feel good enough or qualified accomplish this deep desire I had. “I don’t dream because they don’t come true,” is what I wrote down in my prayer journal while I was battling this desire with God… I begged him to show me, keep talking to me. God kept talking (when I say God kept talking this is still a working progress. I still am not 100% sure what God wants from me, or what I want for me) Rachel’s Craft Room was created when God showed me my talents are within the gifts I am able to make for others.

While I was reading a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan I was called to serve my community….this was a really tough read for me being a Christian who never really wanted to know God. The book had me feeling so unworthy of everything in my life. Before reading this book I was content with just knowing Jesus died for my sins. I would say thanks on Christmas and Easter and it felt good enough for me. But after this book I had a burning desire to KNOW God. What brought me contentment before no longer gave me peace. The only person who could show the love I had desired my entire life, the love that I want to spread, and make the change I want to make can only be taught from God. Whom I only thanks TWICE A YEAR.
I believe God lead me to the author  Lysa TerKeurst because she is my spirit animal. I am on a mission to literally read every single book she has ever written. Reading her books made me realize that my insecurities are normal, and I am not alone. That not only are my desires important but can be done. She helped me see that God made me, perfect in his image. My flaws are apart of his great plan, and I cannot allow them to hold me back from doing his great work.

When I say Rachel’s Craft Room is not just a business…. I truly mean that. I want this portion in my life to serve my community. And quite honestly, I haven’t mastered exactly how I will be able to do that… I have started putting little verses in my thank you cards, and I promote my faith on social media outlets. Because I know that the love I needed was in God. So that’s the only way I am able to show people. But It doesn’t feel like enough. And this is something I will continue to Pray for, until I find peace in knowing He is being honored by my work.