If you don’t know me, my name is Rachel. I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister & Friend. The more I thought about blogging, the less I wanted to do it. I honestly have HORRIBLE grammar. But, after a good bit of research, I decided I wanted to give it my best shot, and get started.

For years I have felt misunderstood and alone with a lot of my struggles. This isn’t to say I didn’t have any one to go to, because I did! I have the most supportive and loving people in my life, especially my husband. I have always felt uneasy about not knowing my “why.” Who really am I? I don’t want to live life simply going through the motions.

If God is willing, I want to make a difference. I want to reach out to people who may feel broken, alone, and searching for their purpose to tell them that their not alone! I want to create a community that shows love and support to one another.

Carrie Underwood’s message in “Love Wins” is my motivation for this. I do believe you and me are sisters and brothers, that we are made to be here for each other, and that, most importantly, love will always win.

My goal in every day life is to find love in all that I do. I don’t want to just sit back and let darkness surround me, by questioning if I am big enough to make a difference, because I know I am, I can, and I will.

I hope you enjoy what’s to come of this blog!