So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31

Supplies I needed?

Bags ($1 store bought)
LOVE– the most important
Ever since finding my new church I always have this bee buzzing in my head asking if what I am doing brings God glory. Sometimes I get annoyed because I am not sure how EVERYTHING I do can glorify God… But the more I have allowed myself to see God in things, I am able to notice how he uses me for his own purpose.
So, every year we go to Yogi Bear for a great Halloween weekend. I spend countless hours preparing our site with wonder, decorations, and stressing! Not stressing in a bad way though, because no matter what I forget, or what I didn’t get the chance to do, we have a great time! Last Halloween we were saved but we didn’t really walk with God… He was just like a distant relative we would talk to in hard times. I didn’t want this Halloween to be like every other Halloween before my relationship with God became daily. I wanted it to bring him glory through this amazing weekend we spend with our family, making new friends, and creating life long memories.

What does Glorifying God mean to me?

I am able to glorify God when I allow him to be a part of my day. I allow him to be in my conversations, but even more importantly, I allow him to show love through me. Whether that be through words, or actions. I have NOT mastered this by any means. There are times it takes days of reflecting to see that what I did was actually for my personal want and glory, not his. But when I can take my feelings aside and see that there is a kind of love I don’t know how to describe. There was a circumstance that I cannot even explain. I know it has to be him.

How did I find a way to honor God through Trick or Treating?

PINTREST has to be from God. I mean, it’s literally the best way to get inspired (other then the bible). Ideas started popping up in my head like wanting to put up a sign, or handing out a little message. Instantly, I resisted that idea… I was thinking, “how weird it would be for me to hand out little cards to kids.” I anxiously asked my 12 year old how he thought we could glorify God at Yogi bear? He gave me such an awkward look, and replied, he didn’t know. I told him my idea of giving out a message and he agreed with me that it would be weird. Right then I almost let the devil win by canning this goal of mine. I thought to myself  “Rachel, you’re crazy to even think you can Glorify God while trick or treating, people will run the other way!”
Ignoring my insecurities (which I’ve done a lot lately) I went to Pintrest and searched “Halloween Christian”, there were a TON of “notes” you can include with your candy. Then I saw free printable note cards, and I downloaded it and started cutting! (thank you to Long Wait for Isabella, a Christian Family Lifestyle Blog, I’ll post the link down below!)
I put my fabulous trick or treat bags together with the help of my entire family…. Even my 3 year old was helping. That was another affirmation that God wanted this from me, he had planned it all along. It’s very rare that the 5 of us can get something done without any bickering, and just enjoying the moment with each other. Having 3 boys makes it so difficult to feel like you’re doing a good job as a mom… But that’s for another blog post.
My mother in law handed out the bags of Candy, while I took my boys around the camp ground. I am not sure if these kids saw the message, or whipped open the bag just for the candy. But I know in my heart that whoever needed to see it, God made sure they did.
It doesn’t take long to find Love in all the things you do…. And where there is Love, there is God.
The link for the blog with the fabulous free pintables is here