Monday, May 11, 2020

Water Color Instagram Story Template or Wallpaper

Free Instagram Story Template Wallpaper. Hold down the image until you see the save option. If you're on a laptop or desktop right-click the image to save to your files.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Home Haircuts- For Boys

I recently spoke with Tim Prudente with the Baltimore Sun story on "The 'looked like Chia Pets': Marylanders learn do’s and don’ts of quarantine haircuts
Prudent spoke to many Moms in Maryland on their first time giving hair cuts at home because of our current pandemic.

I wanted to share some non-pro tips with other boy moms that are desperate for a kid's haircut.

Before their haircuts. Long hair, not
awful though. I just needed to trim them up.
After their haircut. Not perfect
but they were cleaned up!

1.  Get a Pair of Clippers
These clippers are pretty similar to the ones I used.  I don't think they have to be fancy or expensive. It will be good to have a pair of clippers regardless because of next time its 8PM the night before picture day you will have something handy to help you shape your son's hair.

2. Clean Dry Hair
When you are using clippers you want to have clean dry hair. When you go to trim with scissors you will want to spray the hair with some water.

3. Don't Wait
If you are waiting to do some more research, you may never get around to cutting. I got on youtube, and I watched this video while I sat my son done and started following her same moves.  Paused when I needed to catch up.

4. Worse Case Scenario
The worse thing is that you mess up. Remember hair grows back! The cut is temporary and when society goes back to normal you can absolutely go back to your hairstyles so they can correct it.

If I can cut hair, anyone can cut hair. Just have some faith, and have a little bit of fun!

Thursday, April 30, 2020

8 Affirmations for Moms

Motherhood gives us wisdom. In order to have wisdom, you have to go through the process and learn. We often forget this as moms. We lay out or plan and schedule so that we're set up for success. I've learned as a mom, that you can never truly plan on what's coming. We can do some things like work to financial freedom, have a beautiful nursery, and figure out your new work schedule. But you cannot prepare yourself to care for a baby you didn't know would be colic and cries 90% of the time. You cannot prepare for the unknown. Your body naturally works, & you realized I am a mom, I sleep when this baby sleeps.
8 affirmations for moms.

My point to this is YOUR A ROCKSTAR!!

Nothing about Motherhood can be planned out pretty and perfect. You may find yourself thinking about another mom, wishing you could be that kind of mom. Let me say it again, MOTHERHOOD IS NOT PRETTY & PERFECT. No Mom claims to have it all together. & if they do, they're lying.


Whether you are spiritual or not its important that you know God hand choose you to raise the kids you have. If you are raising a child, I am talking to you. It doesn't matter how you received that child. It's a gift, and you were chosen for the journey. It's not a small task, & I think that's why we often feel overwhelmed as moms. But
You were made to be a Mom.

what if we could live in the truth knowing we were made for our kids? I think you would see moms at peace. You would see a community of women rooting for each other. We wouldn't be scared to ask for advice, and we definitely wouldn't be giving advice that wasn't asked for.  We would feel powerful, and enjoy everyday.

Motherhood is a journey. You can have a perfect plan. It won't always be a pretty view. But you can embrace that you are the PERFECT mom for your kids. Your plan will not always go the way you thought. And one day you will look back and see all the pretty moments you had with your kids and be incredibly grateful for the time you had.

8 Affirmations for Moms

I am chosen to be a mom to my kids.

I can work at being a better mom at the same time as being an already good mom.

I am strong, and can get through anything.

I can celebrate another mom without compromising my own happiness.

I find joy in celebrating other moms victories.

I am grateful for the time I have with my children.

I am empowered and encouraged to find joy outside of motherhood.

I can embrace the imperfect days with my children.


Thursday, April 23, 2020

Kids Clothes- Cute, Quality, & Afordable

The adorable swimsuit I got for my son
and his best girlfriend. 
I am apart of a platform that helps connect influencers with businesses. The point of this is to promote their products by creating high-quality content in exchange for money or free products. If you are on Instagram you may have noticed the high number of "influencers" promoting different brands. So although I found Pat Pat Global through a platform I truly LOVE their items. Blogging is something I like to do for fun, and I vowed to only work with brands that I truly love and use. 

I have ordered from them 3x now. The order process is simple, you go to their website, add the items, check out. You will receive a few emails to give with an updated status on your order. The shipping took about 2 weeks in full.

 Here are just a FEW of the items I ADORE from PatPat Global!

Go to PatPat Website to find something adorable for you and your entire family!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

10 Inspirational quotes to start feeling positive

10 Inspirational quotes to start feeling positive. The Covid-19 corona virus has left many of us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Inspiring words can help our mindset tremendously and are such a great tool to combat anxiety and fear. I hope these positive quotes uplift your spirits and help you begin your day feeling good.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Tab, Left Out, and Lonely

If you will only read one book on emotional, & mental health, let it be this one. Now not..... educational information, but spiritual. Although there is some talk about brain chemistry, the author is more focused on faith and personal experience. If you have been following my journey than you know that my life moto is Living Loved and it came from this book. The author, Lysa TerKuerst, has a very special place in my heart. Recommending this book brings me joy.

About Lysa TerKuerst:

Lysa TerKuerst is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministry. Lysa and her team have are helping thousands of people in their faith journey with online devotionals and more. Some background information about where some of her pain extends from you'll find out that Lysa's Father walked out on their family at a very young age, year later her sisters liver started to fail which eventually took her life. Although bitterness arose, Jesus did not give up on her. She continued on and got married, and raised 5 kids. Now she is a grand mom. Her story has so much encouragement and its incredibly inspiring.

Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely. Everything you need to know is in that sentence. Rejection can be catastrophic and  gut wrenching.


What to Expect:

Lysa is open and raw. You may find yourself feeling like your reading her personal journal. But her inspiration throughout breaths life into the broken places of our hearts. Its very clear she is  passionate about helping others walk through and over come the pain of past, or present rejections. She talks about living in a place of knowing how loved you are. If you don't believe in a higher powerful, then this concept may be difficult for you because it is a Christian book. You'll find yourself being reassured that the kind of acceptance and love that a rejected person needs, can only be found in Jesus. Lysa's writing style feels like a conversation. It was a story that I wanted to hear, and wisdom I long desired for. When you put this book down, you will walk away differently from it. It's powerful, its emotional, and its truth giving.

To purchase the book: Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Tab, Left Out, and Lonely

Friday, March 20, 2020

Pink Aesthetic: Wallpaper (freebie)

If you have any issues getting this please visit my Instagram page and send me a DM or you can find it in my highlights.

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