About Me

A 27-year-old living in Baltimore, MD with my husband, Nick, and a mom to three boys- Justin (13), Kyle (9), and Nash (5). I work full time as an auditor because the bills have to get paid somehow. I am a part-time PiYo Live instructor because I believe in the power of exercise. And I can finally say I am a part-time college student (procrastination at its finest) because I’m ready to earn a degree.

I strive to encourage women to go to a deeper place in their life with the Lord. A great portion of my life I felt less than worthy of anyone’s time, it is such a lonely place to be. I was grasping at anything to feel loved, and everything I was reaching for would leave me heartbroken. My first sign of this was when I became pregnant with my first child at the age of 18. I felt this indescribable sense of having to figure this out before my son would be born. I contemplated abortion, & adoption. I somehow ended up in a church that sparked something inside of me to get to know this so-called “God”.  I learned how to love myself & others by knowing how loved I am by Jesus. If your a math wizard, you may have noticed my oldest is 12(that is because he’s actually my nephew), we were awarded physical & legal custody of him in 2017.

I started chasing this very unclear inner dream on my social media outlets. I created my Instagram and a few months later this blog. An accomplishment I am extremely proud of is being apart of the creation of Brick House Collection. Which is essentially a women support group where we empower one another & provide virtual support.  It has been life-giving to many because it’s a safe place to discuss our challenges in motherhood, marital issues, health complications, & just what comes along with social media.

If you decide to follow along on my journey you will an array of content including… 

  • My Journal (Personal Stories & experiences)
  • Social Media Tips & Tricks
  • Brands that I love
  • Lettering & Bible Journaling
  • Motherhood

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